Thursday, 28 February 2013

Conspire to Inspire!

Laugh like you’ve never cried,
Love like you’ve never tried..
Walk steadfast with gusto and pride,
Steal hearts taking others in your stride..
Move forward with a stealthy glide,
Be successful in making others confide..

Announce your arrival hitting the gong,
Banish the darkness for a healthy dawn..
Do not foment any uncanny situation,
Open your heart out to all invitations..
Luck is a matter of touch-and-go,
Let not your life be hurt and sore..

Never be content with what you’ve got,
Lots of battles are still to be fought..
Discover your own path towards the goal,
March on steadily and hit the pole..
Hold your head high with endless courage,
Get to the goal with a coup de grace..